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If you were to go way back in the archive of this blog, you would notice me talking about "The Cartoon Utopia" as of a set of concepts & ideas that I was creating art with, not just the title of my book. The project started as a set of drawings that were displayed in solo art shows around the world.

Now, a year after the publication of The Cartoon Utopia as a book - I am psyched to announce that I'm not quite done with the project. Cartoon Utopia 2014, the 9th Cartoon Utopia gallery show will open March first at Dem Passwords in Los Angeles. The drawings are a new direction, and have all been made since the start of the year! Here's a preview of the first few of them..

If you're in LA - come to the show March first!


MARCH 1 - APRIL 12, 2014
Saturday, MARCH 1, 2014
from 6 to 10 PM

Dem Passwords is pleased to present "Cartoon Utopia 2014," the ninth in a series of solo shows by Ron Regé, Jr., and his first at Dem Passwords. 

Whereas previous shows acted as a sort of "annual report" on the progress of drawings that would become The Cartoon Utopia book of 2012, "Cartoon Utopia 2014" presents a series of brand new paintings created in the first 2 months of this year. 

Contrasting the delicate line work and cartoony figures he is known for, this latest peek into Regé's universe has yielded larger dark, abstract works painted with enamel on wood panels. In the breathing space that follows the kind of frantic outflow of ideas that was The Cartoon Utopia, Regé has slowed down to focus on a loose and transcendent style in paintings that serve as snapshots of some unknown vibrational field. Like trying to draw a flame or an ocean wave, these latest works aim to grab some sort of frozen close up of the shimmering effluvia - of the flowing dark matter, the invisible ether of quintessence that surrounds us always, unseen.

"Ron Regé, Jr. is a very unusual, yet accomplished story teller whose work exudes a passionate moral, idealistic core that sets him apart from his peers. His new book The Cartoon Utopia, a unique work of comic art focusing on magical, alchemical, ancient ideas and mystery schools is part sic-fi, part philosophy, part visual poetry and part social manifesto. Regé's work exudes psychedelia, outsider rawness and pure cartoonish joy" - Abraxas Journal

Originally from Plymouth, Massachusetts, Ron Regé, Jr., began publishing his own minicomics in 1988. He has since published work with Highwater Books, Fantagraphics, Buenaventura Press, McSweeney’s, and Drawn & Quarterly. An active and accomplished musician, Regé writes and performs music as a solo artist and plays drums with Los Angeles-based band Lavender Diamond. 

For further inquiries contact Sebastian Demian - 772.202.2733 - sebastian@dempasswords.com

5413 W Adams Blvd 
LA, CA 90016

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