Here are recent commissioned drawings I've made!!!!!!

I really like doing stuff like this, and encourage folks inspired by my work to hire me to make drawings for them! -  My rates are reasonable!
- find me on fb or write to regejr at hotmail
Something serious runs in the $500+ range - 
BUT! I am ready to make a drawing for you at any price!
use this donate button to get yourself something drawn by me!
(or better yet just write and/or paypal me regejr xx hotmail) ;)


Illustration jobs are great, but I am also occasionally asked to draw personal commissions for people. They are always unique and interesting projects. It feels extra special to know that I've created something specific for someone. (I've never thought that my specialty is drawing animals, but many of the requests seem to feature them) Would you like me to draw something just for you? It could be something grand or something tiny. Let me know

Here are some examples of things that I've made in the last couple of years...

small drawing inspired by an old swirlies song

A portrait of 3 cats!

"Pigeon Molar (?)"

A pregnant lady for a shower invitation

An Oarfish - "the king of the herrings"

A wedding invitation

A giant buddha bunny?

Members of The Cartoon Utopia band for a child's bedroom
(I especially like to draw commissioned scenes fro my "Cartoon Utopia" universe - can you think of anything you would like to see?)

A drawing monkey

A drawing of a little boy to hang in his room

This is a giant 3' square portrait of Sun Ra!