Monday, May 19, 2008

Here is a music video I drew pictures for

I'm friends with the guys in this Danish band Mew
A few years ago, we made this video together for their song 156.

I sometimes
play in this band The Yes Girls (a swirlies side project w/ Damon Tutunjian), and we toured with Mew a little bit... Here is nice song called Bones about a dog named Albert, recorded by Mew & The Yes Girls.
(I don't play on it, but I think it's a lovely tune...)


Anonymous said...

Remember when Dad, Geneve & I saw this video in the sound studio in to watch it again! What are the Mew up to these days?
Mum & Dad XO

mr.ed said...

hey! I like the video (and the song too) and your work, it works!