Monday, July 21, 2008

I won't be at Comic-Con this year

- because I am here in Montreal, making big drawings like this one.

BUT! My new book WILL be there! It's called Against Pain

and it collects comics I've drawn over the past 20 years.

Also! Look out for these special prints we just made!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm in Montreal!

For the month of July I've been sitting on a sunny balcony, doodling in ink on big pieces of paper, and enjoying the paradise that is Montreal in the summer! Everything I could need, or want to do is a simple 5 minute bike ride away!

I've just finished installing my art show at The Librairie Drawn & Quarterly. We'll be having a "Vernissage" & book launch for Against Pain on July 30. Leyla M will also be printing up a small run of Utopia screenprints for the show! Most of the drawings in the post below are now hanging at the D&Q store...

It's been great to see & hang out w/ everyone from D&Q, as well as run into so many Canadian artist pals - Marc Bell lives right down the road! - Yup, I've been sitting in paradise city reading & making huge doodles about Utopia. Thanks everyone!