Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brand new “Cartoon Utopia” original drawings (#71-82) - $65 each!

I know everybody’s strapped these days – but I 'm going to continue to offer these 4x6” Cartoon Utopia drawings for sale for $65 each - as I create them. I’ll be making many more in the weeks and months ahead, so check back!

(I'll also be offering a zine of these new drawings - as well as a lengthy explanation of all this "Cartoon Utopia" business in the next 24 hours)

(Clicking on these images will take you to Comic Art Collective – where you can fill out a little form that sends me an email – I’ll then get in touch – and you can pay me via paypal, or however you’d like. I know this creates a few unnecessary steps – and I’m sure I lose people along the way by not just putting paypal buttons here… but I like to send these drawings to people who really want them – and I also like to drive people towards the CAC – which has been such a great way for so many cartoonists to sell original art over the years!)


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hey Mr Rege, love your work, like Captain Beefheart and black pudding I absolutely fucking hated it at first but I have seen the error of my previous thinking and now humbly prostrate myself before the awesome power of your creative imagination...just wondering if you accept Google Checkout, I can't get my Paypal to work and I'd love to buy a bit of art from you...I just got a copy of "Against Pain", as I said I am a relatively new believer...keep it up man, greetings from the NorfEast coast of the United Kingdom...