Saturday, August 1, 2009

sumi mural zine

I love drawing with the sumi ink club. It's magic how it all blends together - and in the end -who drew what? Anyhow - here is a zine of the mural 50+ people helped paint last summer on Sunset blvd in silverlake...


Laurent Parson said...

Dear Ron Rege
Sorry to use this for a personnal message but I need to contact you.
I am putting the last hand to a show I prepare for the library I work in. Something about handmade and selfpublished comic and DIY Spirit in art. The Show will open September, 24, for 7 weeks in Montauban, a southern middle town, France. It might be feature comics and art by John P., Mark Burrier, Tom K., King Mini, Tim Pigott, JP Coovert, Andrew Neyer and many Others. 20 Artists or so and a hundred works extracted from my own personal "collection" or gave for the time of the show by friends or the artists themselves.
You're a little library but our public is great.
So I would love present some extracts of your work in the show. The Ouch Twins, some plates of Yeast hoist 11 and especially BOYS, probably one of my favorite comics ever.
I would be grateful if you could say yes, because your work is really really important for me and sure I would enjoy to share it with the public of your library.

Just let me know if you need some explanation or anything else.

Take care of you



László Huszár said...

uhh, its very brutal...but who will puzzle out those fragments ? : )