Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have been working on a project called THE CARTOON UTOPIA since 2008.
The result will be a 150 page book of comics to be published by Fantagraphics in 2012.

I am looking to raise funds to help me concentrate on the completion of this project.

I will send something in the mail to anyone who donates. For a donation of $75 or more, I will make you a 3" square black and white ink drawing based on a single word of your choice. (try to imagine the word "utopian" being added in front of your word!)

some samples of the comics from the cartoon utopia have been leaking out bit by bit and can be seen
  here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped out so far! I am flattered and amazed!

I posted on this blog a couple years ago, asking people for people to commission me by sending ideas of things they'd like to see depicted in the Cartoon Utopia (This was early in the project when I was drawing more examples of a fantastic Cartoon Utopian world). Only one person took me up on it.

If anyone has any ideas and would like to donate $125 or more, it would still be a really fun thing to do! The drawings would be black and white, 5x7ish or larger (based on the amount of the donation and the complexity of the idea). It would be great to make a zine or something of these ideas after I am finished with this big book.

The Cartoon Utopia will probably end up being a series of books, as I expect this project to continue. This first volume focuses on ideas that I've become intrigued by that stem from magical, alchemical, ancient ideas & mystery schools. The next volume will most likely take the form of fictional stories set in a kind of actual "cartoon utopia".

The science fictiony premise in this book is that the "utopians" of this future world are attempting to send messages to us through consciousness, outside of the constricts of time as we understand it. They live in a world of advanced collective consciousness and want to help us understand how to achieve what they have accomplished. They get together to perform this task in a way that evolved out of our current system of consuming information and entertainment. It's like the opposite of TV! Of course, these messages appear to us in the form of art, music and storytelling. Funny, right?

Thanks for your help everybody! I'm excited to share these stories, ideas and drawings with you!

Thank you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011