Tuesday, September 22, 2020




 is my monthly zine subscription series. For $15/month ($20/intl) you’ll receive a new minicomic IN THE MAIL from me every month. 

These zines are exclusive & available only by subscription.  I’ve currently got around 70 subscribers.

You will be automatically charged every month, and can cancel any time.
I'll be sending you things in the mail!

I've been continuously self-publishing & mailing people my xeroxed comics & zines since the early 1990s, and have put out about a dozen books. 
 The Weaver Festival Phenomenon was self published in 2018. The Cartoon Utopia What Parsifal Saw are available from Fantagraphics Books. Skibber Bee~Bye , Against Pain & The Awake Field are still in print from Drawn & Quarterly. I have a storenvy where I sell self-published comics, prints, etc. I'm on instagram.

Sending people booklets in the mail is something I hope to continue doing for my entire life. No other format seems to rival the tactile & direct immediacy that mail art provides. I'm super lucky to be able to get books published, but having the repeated & reliable funding that this subscription & patronage provides helps me have more time to dedicate to creating my work.

Yes! Thanks for checking this out! 
Love to all my fans. 
I've really enjoyed sharing my work & artistic journey with you! 

Some earlier issues, from the last 5 years:


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