Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Anthologies & a Catalog

Earlier this year, some of my work was featured in an exhibit at The Phoenix Museum of Art called "Uninked". The exhibit was curated by Chris Ware, who also designed the lovely catalog. It includes some great photos of my art, as well as stuff by Jerry Moriarty, Kim Deitch, Gary Panter, and Seth. I am really proud to have be included in this show, and the catalog looks really nice!

There are also some older stories of mine available in these
fancy, new, easy to find anthologies!


T' said...

Hey, Ron! Mike, formerly of the Million Year Picnic here. Saw a link from D+Q and Tom to your blog. Seems like everyone has one these days. Congrats on all the success and great art. I see your stuff all over the place. Well done!

plutoslo said...

I keep enjoying reading your pages since a long time. It s better and better.


Unknown said...

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